Barry Tate (Piers Island)

Noted for his unique interpretive style and bold use of color, Barry’s paintings of coastal scenery reflect his passion for life and the sea.

Using a fine long haired brush called a rigger and acrylic paint Barry often defines and outlines unique abstract shapes and color hues in his work to create very interesting and special effects. His work has been collected in over 120 countries around the world and in every state of the USA. Barry was born in Victoria BC Canada and has lived near the ocean throughout his life. He currently works from his home-studio on Piers Island near Victoria, and in Mexico.


Sandra Johnman  (Nanaimo)


Influenced by nature and design, Sandra is known for her calm landscapes, wildlife and portraiture. The titles for Sandra’s paintings are insightful or humorous.  It is her keen desire to share that keeps her at the easel painting in the universal visual language of realism.


Drawing and painting since a child growing up in Northern Alberta, Sandra went to the University of Alberta where she obtained her Bachelor of Education with a Major in Art. In 1999 Sandra moved to Nanaimo where she resides at this time.

Brian Buckrell  (Comox)

My paintings are reflective of my love of the outdoors, agriculture and rural communities. The more I paint the more my work moves towards abstracted impressions of my subjects. My collectors tell me that they share the joy I experience in interpreting the Canadian Landscape.


I retired as Professor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Guelph,  in 2001 and relocated from Ontario, with my wife Cathy, to Comox B.C., on Vancouver.  


Linda Heslop  (Victoria)


Linda began drawing at an early age, tutored by her father who was an artist and architect and encouraged her throughout her youth.  In her early teens she expanded her drawing and took up painting seriously, with both watercolor and oils.  Linda has been a Victoria, British Columbia, resident since 1957. She has now turned her full attention to fine art following her love of West Coast images. As a result, Linda’s realistic style led to work in illustration, logos, magazine covers, feature articles, and several books at an international level.

Fred Dobbs  (Victoria)

For the past 10 years Fred has practiced the art of mold making and casting in bronze, wax, cold cast polymers and concrete. This has progressed to producing several works in bronze.Fred lives and works in Victoria BC where he is President of the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild. His original journey in art began as a sculptor in the sand.


Having competed for many years in sand sculpting competitions, he began sculpting as a professional sand sculptor in 1991 working full time for over 15 years. He continues working with sand to this day balancing both passions as a fine artist successful in creating unique and imaginative artworks in both realms.

Fred dobbs.jpeg

Nathan Scott  (Kamloops)


Nathan is one of those people who doesn't realize there's anything he can't do. When he sees something he's interested in, he reads widely, thinks deeply and seeks to master it.  I don't think there is anything he can't do once he puts his mind to it. He has had an incredibly varied life where he has picked up all sorts of knowledge and skills. 


Most of Nathan's sculptures reflect his love for people, young and old, interacting with their particular situations and surroundings. Nathan's most well-know pieces are of Terry Fox (Mile 0) in Victoria, BC,  'The Homecoming', which is a sculpture commemorating the 100th Anniversary for the Canadian Navy and displayed downtown Victoria, and the bench people in Sidney, BC.

Walter Collins  (North Saanich)

Walter's diverse talents include: portraiture, murals, stone carving, acrylic & painting. Many of his sculptures and paintings reside in homes and offices worldwide.


His contemporary airbrush portraits and stunningly detailed pencils of wildlife and west coat scenery are displayed throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.  Since year 2000 Walt has been committed to carving often creating in stone: from Brazilian Soapstone, Wonderstone, and Alabaster.  His paintings and carvings depicts  his West Coast surroundings and subject matter. A truly talented individual.


Kathy Cameron  (Victoria)


Kathy was born in Kimberly B.C. and has lived in a variety of places before finally settling in Victoria. She spent much of her childhood exploring the pristine forests, marshes and lakes near Prince George and the interior of B.C.  It was her naturalist father that instilled a deep love and appreciation of birds and nature.


"My artwork reveals my passion for anything vintage and seeing beauty in “old” as well as delighting in the fine detail and artistry in nature. I am drawn to the rich colour and delicate markings that occur through time on paper and ephemera and often use these treasured pieces as the foundations of my paintings."

Elissa Anthony  (Bowser)

Elissa began her journey in Toronto and studied Graphic Art at George Brown College in Ontario. She further explored her career in Birmingham, England and exhibited her art in the galleries and museums of Europe.  


Her move to Vancouver Island proved inspirational and she has been painting in oils ever since. One of her students claimed, “we think about art, but Elissa IS art”. Her life has become a whirlwind of creativity ~ oil painting, pottery, jewellery making, and teaching art consume her days.  


Lloyd Major (Parksville)


Lloyd was born at Rocky Mountain House Alberta. He had a flair for art at an early age, much to the concentration of his teachers. Over the years, he painted murals and was a sign painter, until he settled on his love for oil painting. He drew on his travels across Canada for inspiration, and eventually settled many years ago, here on Vancouver Island where he is well known for his many landscape and seascapes draw from the surrounding natural beauty.


"It doesn’t matter how many years one has painted, for me it is a part of my life which is a calling and a joy.” After many years of painting and teaching, Lloyd is semi retired (old artists never completely retire) and he is still doing both from his home in Parksville.

Judy Maxwell  (Parksville)

Judy was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.  Throughout her life, Judy has been involved in arts in one form or another.  Many enjoyable hours were spent teaching the various crafts Judy so loved. While living in paradise, the beauty of nature is everywhere so many scenes to be painted. 


For me it is very rewarding to know my paintings have touched someone and they are now hanging in their homes. These days Judy can be found with her partner, Lloyd Major, assisting with his art classes, in their Parksville home or garden, where they maintain their studio & gallery


Keith Hiscock  (Nanaimo)


Born to Victoria, B.C. Keith has been working as a professional artist since 1974. He knew from age 17 that he wanted to be an artist and at 18 he headed east to explore Montreal and Toronto.


There, he discovered the works of American artists such as Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper. He also re-discovered the Canadian Group of Seven and Alex Colville. These artists inspired and shaped his natural talents as a painter of realism and so his journey began.

Graham Herbert  (Hornby Island)

Graham grew up in Calgary surrounded by drawing, painting and boat building. He moved to Vancouver I his early twenties to work around boats and do more sailing but became more interested in painting and West Coast Seascape.  He studied at Emily Carr College of Art and later at the Victoria College of Art.


Graham became fascinated with the bold compositional possibilities of nature and beach rocks focussing on water colour in his early years. His love for boats and painting were combined and so came about his "Dory Boat" series in brave primary colours.  There are nearly 20 giclee reproductions on canvas, all colourful happy artworks to explore.


Ken Foster  (North Saanich)

20210313_075924 (1).jpg

Ken Foster has lived and worked on the Saanich Peninsula for 30 years. My roots on Vancouver Island reach back to the 1880s. My artistic style is based on creating a finished product that causes some hesitation in the viewer. I am committed to mood, texture and vividness in my work.


I don't do very much serious people imaging except for occasional photos for friends and family. I find my images in nature, gardens and buildings. Generally I shoot close to home on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island.

Gordon M. Friesen  (Victoria)

I was born in Vancouver, B.C. and raised in rural Surrey before it was paved with freeways and strip malls.  As a child I was always drawing and as a teenager began designing posters.  Inspired by album cover art of the 1960's, I attended the Kootenay School of Art to study graphic design.​  


"I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and for the past decade have rested on block printing as a flexible means of expression.  It is a process that allows me to work without digital interference, specialized equipment, or even electricity." The Village Gallery is proud to exhibit Gordon's block prints, a contemporary art form rooted in an intriguing traditional process.


Dan Nordin  (Sidney)


My life long interest in marine environments as well as an ever present enjoyment of art, has given me a passionate focus for retirement.  I am a former high-school teacher with a degree in marine biology.  


Other than an arts elective in university  entitled; "The History of Western Art" I have no formal training in this field.  Claudia (my wife) and I enjoy hiking, photography, spending time on our boat, and in the past we did quite a bit of scuba diving. 

Cameron Thrubide  (Victoria)

Art has always been a very big part of my life. I love to admire other artist's artwork, and I also love to create my own. For the past three decades, I have been capturing the beauty of coastal Canada in my ongoing series of acrylic paintings.


Through the Village Gallery canvas giclee reproductions are also available of favorite past artworks.


Jim McFarland (Victoria)


Born and raised in Penticton BC, Jim now lives in Victoria. His art education consisted of courses from the Victoria College of Art, and from other artists. He is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artist.


His paintings are in private and corporate collections in Canada and the USA.  Jim paints his larger works in the studio but very much enjoys painting on site, en plein air, where he can capture the ever changing but real colours and light of the world around him. You may often see him on the beach, a hill side, or a farmer’s field, painting.

Inga Michel  (Sidney)

Former owner and founder of Tivoli Gallery, Inga brings sweetness from the bird world and warms a small place in our hearts with her charming "Inga Bird" series. 

So colourful and with so much personality, these collectible art blocks attract all ages. Find your spirit bird so to speak and lighten your day, bad hair day among others are sure to impress.


Susan Schaefer  (Parksville)


Susan is a Canadian Fine Artist living in Parksville on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC Canada.  Working with acrylic paints, she finds her inspiration in nature and her surroundings.  


Susan calls herself an ‘Impressionistic Landscape Painter’.  She gives back to the arts community by teaching classes and volunteering at local art galleries. She is also the publisher of Island Arts Magazine. 

Steve Kergin  (Colwood)

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Steve was educated at the Kootenay School of Art in Nelson, B.C.,  receiving a Certificate in Graphic Design.  The majority of his career was been spent working in the field of graphic design while simultaneously developing his fine art.  Now Steve concentrates mainly on fine art that he produces in the home studio he shares with his wife and fellow artist, Lee (Lowther) Kergin.


Steve has been involved in many juried shows, exhibitions and festivals, including a number of “Sooke Fine Arts” shows, “The Nature of Island Artists”, the “TD (Moss St.) Paint-In”, Victoria Art Gallery’s “Small Works Show” and the “Sidney Fine Arts Show”.  Steve views art as a fundamental form of communication that allows an artist to express a unique inner vision that reflects the experience of many people.


Lee Lowther Kergin  (Colwood)


Lee majored in painting at the Kootenay School of Art in Nelson, BC, Canada, graduating with a diploma in Fine Arts. She currently resides in Victoria, BC where she has been involved with numerous exhibitions and juried shows including the TD (Moss Street) Paint-In, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria “Small Works” Shows, Sooke Fine Arts, Sidney Fine Art Show and The Nature Of Island Artists.  


“Colour and mood are the real subjects of my work. I find that painting in oils creates a richness of tone and depth that I have not found in other mediums.”

William Watt  (Central Saanich)

William's mother (Frances Harris) continues to be an inspiration and her love of the B.C. landscape is, I hope, sometimes reflected in my work.  Born in Banff Alberta, grew up in Surrey B.C.  William became a student at the Kootenay School of Art and graduated with a BFA from Notre Dame University of Nelson in 1976. "I have explored various art avenues such as printmaking, photography, screen printing and drawing but became more focused on landscape painting with acrylics in the last ten years.


I try to express a straight forward visual language in my paintings, shortcutting to an emotional response. This is an ongoing process building on the usual experimentation of substrates, colour, texture, composition and subject matter to strike that chord we can relate to. It’s never ending and ever changing."

william Watt.jpg

Mark Cramer  (Victoria)

Mark Cramer- seascape.jpg

Born in London, England  but long settled in Canada. "I can usually be found painting in my studio, golfing, walking on the beach, or hiking up Mt. Douglas."   These surroundings inspire Mark as he is committed painting landscapes and has every intention of perfecting his art to the best of his ability. 


After retiring from firefighting from the City of Victoria Fire Department time lends itself to continue his journey in painting realism. Find yourself in the seascapes of the west shore or in the forests of  Mt. Douglas Park today. 

Arturo Huerta  (North Saanich)

Throughout his life he has enjoyed working with his hands and especially with wood which he feels is a great medium to work and express himself.  


His work is a reflection of the many places he has visited around the world and especially the westcoast and the Saanich Peninsula, the land that he calls home.

Huerta Arturo.jpg

Cindy Mawle  (Bowser)


Cindy grew up on Vancouver Island, amongst a playground of forests and beaches. Her adventurous, independent, and determined nature as a child evolved into the driving force behind her creativity today. Over the years Cindy has self directed her art education by tirelessly experimenting with different styles and mediums although acrylics have held her steadfast since 1995. These she learned by observation, books, videos, and workshops held by established professional painters. She has filtered and transformed the results of this journey into her own unique style. Cindy's paintings mostly depict the Vancouver Island area that she calls home but also includes still life and depictions of childhood moments into her prolific portfolio. 


Cindy’s work exhibits her work in various galleries on Vancouver Island where she resides, is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a signature member of the Society of Canadian Artists.  Her work has sold nationally and internationally.  She paints from her studio in the small mid Island community of Bowser. 

Helen Watt (Sidney)

Helen has lived on southern Vancouver Island for over 40 years.  She devotes herself to capturing the beauty of the Pacific west coast and other parts of the world through her lens. 


Her love of photography allows her to share her passion for landscape and wildlife photography that include coastal seascapes, Alaskan brown bears, birds, marine life and exotic African animals.  Many scenes and subjects are captured from her kayak or from the top of a Land Rover in the Serengeti. 

Helen-Watt-photo (1).jpg

Billy McElwain  (Victoria)

I don’t know if I am an artist or not, I have no idea if what I do actually looks like a real work of art. But I am a colorist and that is something for me. The more I worked with color, the more intoxicating it became.


The entire experience of buying my first tubes of oil; the smell; the texture and the absolute ecstasy of blending and applying this smooth and beautiful medium to the supple, yet taught surface of canvas was as natural as breathing.


Matt Shannon (Victoria)

Matt Shannon Photography-9.jpg

Matt Shannon is an inspired nature and landscape photographer living in Sidney BC. His work boasts fine detail, bold colours and advanced technical skill.


Matt's photography is the product of his adventuresome heart- it's his artistic representation of the nature surrounding him. He is an accredited and published photographer and his images have captured an international audience.

Alexander Duparis  (Qualicum)

I was born in Montreal Canada in 1944 and was placed in an orphanage, later adopted by the Jeau family at age two and was raised in northern Ontario. As a self taught artist, highly talented and with a great deal of determination, I received a great deal of commission work from all walks of life. 


After teaching art in Ontario I moved to British Columbia, Canada where I discovered an intense interest for it's grand beauty of landscapes, wildlife and historical landmarks. it is my ambition that my art will reflect the need to preserve the beauty of our land and wildlife.

Alexander Duparis_edited.jpg

Sheila Warren

photo 5_edited.jpg

Born and raised in eastern Canada, Sheila began her journey in the arts by studying graphic design and illustration in Montreal followed by the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary.


After many years of working in the design field, her love of nature inspired her to relocate to the west coast to create a more personal expression of her connection to all things she finds beautiful in the natural world. She still works as a graphic designer and continues to be inspired to paint by exploring this very special place she calls home.

Wendy Picken

Wendy is a local Sidney artist and author. Her distinctive style conveys a sense of JOY through the use of strong colour and images taken from the natural world. She works with Stabilo crayon, chalk, pastel and china markers on paper.


Applying wax polish gives each drawing a vibrancy which fills her still lives with movement and texture. She has been developing this technique since 1998. In the Spring of 2022 Wendy will release her second children’s book- ‘Rainbees & Honeybows’.

Wild Tender Blue.jpg

Carolyn Watt  (Central Saanich)


Carolyn has been working with fabric, learning to sew at a young age, for dolls and for her teenage self and later her young daughters then moving on to silk scarves, quilting and now hand dyed 3D felted pieces such as embellished vases and lamps. “Some years ago I discovered the art of needle felting, and subsequently wet felting.


There is something magical about turning wool fibre into a fabric, and I continue to be inspired by its many possibilities.” After finding a suitable studio space for both they continue to be involved with local art groups enjoying many good friends with similar interests.

Kayleigh Vukobrat

Kaleigh is a local ceramic artist who grew up in Victoria, and later received a Fine Arts Diploma from Langara College in 2017.  She primarily slab builds her pieces and is interested in allowing the artist's hand to show through in the finished work.  Her surface design utilizes many techniques such as sgraffito carving, slip inlay, monoprinting, textural imprints, and glaze work. 


Kaleigh often draws inspiration from art deco design, the expressionism movement, as well as the natural environment.  She embraces her failures and mistakes, always trying to find a way to learn and further her knowledge of this vast art form.

DSC04579 (2).jpg

Arabella Young

Arabella Young photo_edited.jpg

Arabella’s reverence for BC’s Westcoast is reflected in her choice of subject matter and expressionistic style.


Form and tones are emphasized, in an attempt to capture a single, fleeting moment that has occurred in the natural environment. Light and perspective translate through palette and material, to bring the viewer into the mind and emotions of the artist.

Chris Alers  (Victoria)

Her paintings create a kind of visual poetry that is inspired by the abstract qualities she sees in nature. Whether getting up close to a subject or painting from a distant perspective, it is about sharing that connection with the viewer. Spontaneously applied paint is integral in creating the painting's foundation. Working in acrylics evolves from a random textured base with multiple layers to a refined design with strong attention to detail.


As layers are wiped away, they create a history of mark making to be discovered by the viewer up close. In the end, the journey creates a painting where form, colour and design all intertwine to create a tribute to the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Born and raised in Winnipeg, the drive to create has been with her all her life.  In her twenties, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, then moved to Victoria and was offered an apprenticeship in the fine jewellery trade. After over a decade of designing and creating jewellery, the transition to painting was made for its total freedom of expression.


Richard Notturno (Victoria)


After taking an elective pottery class 44 years ago in college, I knew I would get back to what was always a lingering passion. Finally I have. I relish using the medium of clay as it instinctively guides me to unintentional shapes and forms. It is a form of expression that I continue to nurture, explore and embrace.

While I work primarily on the wheel with clay using my hands as my main tools, I enjoy finding balance in my work through subtle textures balanced with small carvings and other details. I will often throw a heavier form and then carve and shave the pieces away to reveal new forms.  I then design and add pine needles or grasses with a stitching detail.

 I love being able to continue my passion for transforming raw materials such as needles and grasses that are locally grown, with clay and turning them into unique creations that may resonate with others.

Ronaldo Norden  (Lasqueti)

Intaglio printmaking is when an image is engraved into an object, and the sunken area of the engraving holds the ink. “The term intaglio means any method of printmaking where there’s pressure involved. It’s one of those really obscure types of printmaking.


Norden, who lives on Lasqueti Island, said printmaking is about a 500-year-old technique. “It’s a bit of a chemical, chemistry thing. It’s not artistic, it’s more keeping an eye on the etching process timing — keeping the timing right — and just learning a method that works.”

Ronaldo Norden.jpeg

Elizabeth Allen (Victoria)


A lifetime of dabbling in the arts became a passion once Elizabeth discovered acrylic on canvas. She had tried watercolour, pastel, stained glass and sculpture, but nothing inspired her the way canvas did the first time she touched it with a brush loaded with pigment.  Being water-based, acrylics can be diluted to imitate watercolour or applied thickly with brush or palette knife as in oil painting.  Elizabeth’s  work involves a little of each depending on the effects she is working to achieve.  She often uses matte medium to thin the paint and extend the colour but also incorporates heavy bodied pigments and mediums into her work to create texture.


Inspired by artists as diverse as Turner and Rothko, Elizabeth lives and paints in Victoria, BC where the beauty of nature is a constant source of inspiration.  Her work can be found in international collections. 

Felice Mazzoni  (Victoria)

Felice was educated and formally trained as a community planner and started his first career when he was twenty-one years old, including planning for the town of Ucluelet before moving to Victoria to work for municipalities and private companies and then starting his own consulting company. His award-winning sustainable planning initiatives have been locally, nationally and internationally recognized, however, as an emerging artist, his inspiration to start painting came from his love for Van Gogh paintings, being attracted to the whimsical and colourful nature of the French countryside. He painted during the evenings and weekends, as it helped focus his mind and fill his heart.  Felice would often cycle through multiple paintings at a time from his small dining room table in his home, late at night, moving from rainforest to sandy beaches to Pacific Ocean and was quickly self-taught about all things oil. Tofino-born and Ucluelet-raised, Felice gravitated towards west coast landscapes having grown up and later working in Ucluelet. His love for the west coast is transferred from brush to canvas and the emotions Felice still has for his home town are invoked through his work. By mixing colors, layering, and through intricate detail, his oil paintings have often been mistaken for photographs.


Felice is now embracing his hidden talent, selling pieces locally as well as internationally to buyers and collectors from New York to San Francisco. He has had his first exclusive art exhibition in October 2021 and although he lives in Victoria, Felice’s home and heart will always be in Ucluelet.


David Hutchison (Sidney)


Award winning Photographer with over 16 years experience and 100 published images in books, magazines and calendars around the globe. David is continuously inspired by both landscape and wildlife photography and has photographed across Western Canada, the Yukon, several US states, as well as Italy. David is passionate about preserving old growth forests and works to increase public awareness through his nature photography and videography.


David recently won the prestigious "Best in Class" Award in Fine Art at the 2020 Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) National Image Competition. David also qualified as a finalist in the same competition for the Canadian Photographic Artist of the Year.

Virgil Sampson (Tsartlip Nation)

Virgil Sampson Portrait.jpeg

Virgil Sampson is a Coast Salish artist from the Tsartlip Nation and Nez Perce Territory. Virgil practices traditional and contemporary Coast Salish art through painting, prints and drum making. 

Virgil Sampson- drum maker.jpeg

First Nation Artist / Drum Maker

Graham Scholes (Sidney)

In January of 2020 the CEO of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
visited Graham’s Scholes’ studio. He choose a complete body
of woodblock prints for the Art Gallery’s collection. This archive is considered an important contribution to Canadian Art.

In 1993 Graham was inspired to start a series of innovative prints of the British Columbia lighthouses. He needed to experience and have personal contact with his subjects, so with the co-operation of the Canadian Coast Guard, he visited all lighthouses on the British Colombia coast in order to get the material necessary to represent these majestic beacons. 

The series of prints of the manned lighthouses took him 15 years to complete and is a critically acclaimed record of some of these manned beacons, many of which are now automated.

Graham Scholes.jpg

Patricia Mansell  (Nanaimo)

AFC 2016 Patricia Mansell_edited.jpg

"One of the strengths of wildlife art is its ability to tell stories. In my paintings I try to bring out the individuality of each animal as it goes about its everyday life. 
My journey as a Wildlife Artist is one of constant learning. No matter where I travel I am looking for opportunities- what animals can be encountered in the wild in that area, what birds could I see migrating overhead, what sanctuaries and wildlife preserves are located there. Choosing species and learning about their struggles as a species, developing ideas for how best to paint them are ongoing for every painting - bringing that image out in paint is an absolute joy and so rewarding.  

I portray many endangered animals, hoping that bringing them to life in my art will raise awareness of how close we are to losing them."

Tom Shardlow  (Nanaimo)

"My works are based on my love of the wilderness. I see nature not only as beautiful and nurturing but as remorseless and uncompromising.  I convey the dichotomy in an unsentimental way in my landscapes. Compositional elements take priority over representational concerns. As I try to engage the viewer and portray the landscapes shifting temperaments."  


Tom Shardlow’s artwork was recognized early receiving awards and media attention in High School. He later studied at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr School of Art and Design) before working in advertising doing art layouts.


After graduating from UBC, Tom worked as a field research biologist where he was fortunate to have traveled to many of British Columbia’s wild places. These travels inspired him to document on canvas and paper what he saw and felt.

Tom Shardlow_edited_edited.jpg

Richard Shaw  (Cobble Hill)

Richard Shaw  Salmon with  Propellers.jpg

 I have been making things for as long as I can remember. I started woodcarving as a hobby in 1993 while working as an artisan stonemason and have been lucky enough to make art full time since 2016. My influences are nature, archeology, mythology, popular culture, machines and aviation. What I strive for, I think, is to create my own ancient artifacts for a personal mythology.