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local artists on vancouver island

Chris Alers

Chris Alers

Her paintings create a kind of visual poetry that is inspired by the abstract qualities she sees in nature. Whether getting up close to a subject or painting from a distant perspective, it is about sharing that connection with the viewer. Spontaneously applied paint is integral in creating the painting's foundation. Working in acrylics evolves from a random textured base with multiple layers to a refined design with strong attention to detail.

As layers are wiped away, they create a history of mark making to be discovered by the viewer up close. In the end, the journey creates a painting where form, colour and design all intertwine to create a tribute to the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Born and raised in Winnipeg, the drive to create has been with her all her life. In her twenties, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, then moved to Victoria and was offered an apprenticeship in the fine jewellery trade. After over a decade of designing and creating jewellery, the transition to painting was made for its total freedom of expression.

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