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Custom Printing

Island Appeal - Master-MediumRes
A Path to the Beach   24_ by 48_
DRIFTWOOD - website copy
Hannging Over Hornby  Copy for Website Giclee
Crystal Cove Evening Tofino  Acrylic 18x36 2019 2
Gulf Island View - Repro Copy for Website Giclee
Looking Back
Florencia Bay Window canvas 24 38 auto
Art Print Ordering Information

Our artists' works are typically reproduced as  high quality giclee prints on canvas. They can also be done on high quality art paper if you prefer.


Within certain size limitations they can be done to your size specifications which include width, height and depth of stretcher bars (if printed on canvas).


The proportions of the width and height (aspect ratio) should correspond to the dimensions as stated. e.g. a half size print of the stated dimensions of 34"(width) x 28"(height) would be 17"x14".


Our canvases are stretched on wood bars with a typical thickness (depth) of 3/4" or 1 1/2". Thinner bars allow for a greater choice of framing options while thicker bars tend to create a greater presence on the wall of an unframed canvas. All canvases come with a full plastic film lamination for protection of the surface.


Because there are no standard sizes with custom printing, shipping costs are on an individual basis and can be provided on request.


There may be other questions of course but those are the frequently asked ones.

Pre-order Information

Thank you! Orders are processed during business hours. Please watch for a confirmation email and payment details shortly.

This form will start an email conversation. Alternatively or if you have questions before you place an order it's best to phone us at (778) 426-1113 during regular working hours of 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT. You can order originals when available or giclée reproductions.

Please allow for at least a two week turnaround time on orders. Taxes, Crating & Shipping are additional and will be discussed upon placement of order.

All orders are prepaid.

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