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local artists on vancouver island

Morgan Warren

Morgan Warren
Pender Island

Originally from Great Britain, Morgan Warren now lives and maintains a working studio on Pender Island, B.C. Through her highly detailed realistic watercolours of birds and animals she strives to give viewers of her work a special glimpse into the hidden lives of her subjects. during the last thirty-five years she has made an in depth study of fauna and flora of this region, recording her observations in hundreds of photographs, studies and notes.

in the last several years Morgan has written, illustrated and published two successful books "ThroughTheir Eyes and Mine" and "Nature On The Threshold", as well an annual Nature calendar. At present she is working on her third book which she hopes to release in late 2023. It is her hope that this book will help educate and inspire children to love and respect the wild creatures and habitat which comprise our natural world.

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