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local artists on vancouver island

Sandra Johnman

Sandra Johnman

Influenced by nature and design, Sandra is known for her calm landscapes, wildlife, and portraiture. Working with oil on canvas, the brushstrokes vary from almost no brushstrokes using a technique of pounding the paint into the canvas to thick application of the medium by palette knife. The use of colour varies from rich nature tones to vibrant enhanced colours. The titles for Sandra's paintings are insightful or humorous. It is her keen desire to share that keeps her at the easel, painting in the universal visual language of realism.
Drawing and painting since a child growing up in Northern Alberta, Sandra went to the University of Alberta where she obtained her Bachelor of Education with a Major in Art. In 1999 Sandra moved to Nanaimo where she currently resides. Sandra Johnman is a member of the Nanaimo Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

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