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Pottery Plus

Richard Noturno

After taking an elective pottery class 44 years ago in college, I knew I would get back to what was always a lingering passion. Finally I have. I relish using the medium of clay as it instinctively guides me to unintentional shapes and forms. It is a form of expression that I continue to nurture, explore and embrace.

While I work primarily on the wheel with clay using my hands as my main tools, I enjoy finding balance in my work through subtle textures balanced with small carvings and other details. I will often throw a heavier form and then carve and shave the pieces away to reveal new forms. I then design and add pine needles or grasses with a stitching detail.

I love being able to continue my passion for transforming raw materials such as needles and grasses that are locally grown, with clay and turning them into unique creations that may resonate with others.

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